Choose to Refuse”

Anyone can be a victim, regardless of age or experience.  And the recent scam-targeting of senior citizens has again moved protection measures to the forefront of our minds.

In an effort to enhance the personal safety of our neighbors and community, the Holly Springs Police Department is offering a free 2-hour “Choose to Refuse - Safe Citizen” Seminar scheduled for Tuesday April 21, 2015.  This worthwhile program will present information on various topics to include: how to spot a fraud on the telephone or your doorstep, popular scams, on-line/Internet risks and scam prevention, protecting personal information, safe meeting places, securing your home, street safety tips, and more.  Senior citizens and parents alike will greatly benefit by providing this information to their family members, like grandchildren and children. 

This seminar is offered at no cost.  For more information or to register please contact:

Det. Greg Bettis

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

770.721.7526 - O