Lunch and Learn

The last Friday of each month local seniors will learn about different crime trends and scams and how to avoid becoming victims of crime.
Check our Upoming Events for more information (updated monthly), under the Events tab at the top. Lunch is provided!



Rescue & Restore (Phase I)

This program will assist Cherokee County first responders serving our senior citizens age 55 and older found to be homeless or in distress by providing emergency funds for temporary house, meals and other immediate needs.



Rescue & Restore (Phase II)



The Cherokee Triad SALT Council, INC provided the necessary funds to Bethesda Community Clinic to assist two seniors per month (preferable one U.S. Veteran and one senior age 55 or older) with necessary heath care assistance. These individuals might not otherwise receive medical assistance due to the lack of health care coverage, finances or distance related Issues.

The Cherokee Triad SALT Council, INC hopes to raise $14,500 in order to increase the number of seniors served though grants, donations and sponsorships. These fund have made it possible to being the R & R II program.

For more information on Bethesda, please visit http://bethesdacommunityclinic.org/


Please donate and help make a difference today.