Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T.

What is Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T.?

The agreement of Cherokee County law enforcement agencies and adults in the community working together to reduce the criminal victimization of older adults through:

  • Proactive Community Education to adults and caregivers.
  • Addressing current crime issues.
  • Enhancing delivery of law enforcement services, as needed.
  • Educating individuals and businesses that provide services to seniors.

The Cherokee Triad S.A.L.T. Council was implemented in July of 2006 by The City of Canton Police Department to represent all communities in our county. This Council and organization is a partnership with the Canton Police Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, the Holly Springs Police Department, the Woodstock Police Department, Ball Ground Police and Cherokee Marshal’s Office and many different organizations throughout Cherokee County, tasked with identifying and developing programs to address the needs and concerns of seniors in our community S.A.L.T.’s objectives are based on those of the National Association of Triads, Inc. and is a non-profit organization (501©(3)). We are dedicated to this cause and will work hard to build a stronger community in Cherokee County.


• Abuse of the Elderly • Personal Injury • Drug Interaction and theft • Prescription Fraud • Suspicious Persons • Home Repair Scams • Vandalism • Drug sale/use near home • Consumer Fraud • Purse Snatching • Burglary • Problems Associated with aging • Traffic Problems

S.A.L.T.’s objectives are based on those of the National Association of Triads, Inc. and is a non-profit organization (501©(3)). We are dedicated to this cause and will work hard to build a stronger community in Cherokee County.

Who Can Become a Member of Triad SALT?

•Police Chiefs of Designated Officers
•Sheriff or Designee
•APS (Adult Protective Services)
•District Attorney
•Office Volunteers
•Meals on Wheels Representative
•Fire Department and EMS Personnel
•Senior Services Volunteer
•Hospital Representatives
•Assisted Living or Nursing Home Designee
•Business Leaders and Professionals
•Other agencies and individuals concerned with the welfare of senior citizens in the community



TRIAD is the agreement of law enforcement agencies in the county (Sheriff’s office, police departments, etc.) and older or retired persons in the community to work together. The National TRIAD was formed in 1988 and is called NATI (National Association of Triads, Inc.). TRIAD is a concept of cooperation to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly. TRIAD is a partnership to address crime issues which affect the older citizens and the enhanced delivery of law enforcement services to these people.

One person defined TRIAD as:


• EDUCATE: Sponsor crime prevention and victim assistance programs for older person.

• ASSIST: Recruit and train volunteers to assist the police and sheriff’s departments.

• EMPHASIZE: Staff reassurance programs for older persons to reduce fear and provide moral support.

• COMMUNICATE: Provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to share needs and concerns and develop solutions.

• INVOLVE: Unite seniors, sheriffs, and local police to identify problem areas for seniors in the local community to develop and implement community-wide solutions.

The activities and education we provide for our seniors benefit them by having regular contact with service providers, giving seniors knowledge of available services. Law enforcement personnel gain a better understanding of senior’s fears and concerns, enabling them to develop programs to meet those needs. Service organizations benefit from improved allocation of services, cooperation with other service providers, and a better understanding of the challenges facing law enforcement.

We hold regular meetings on a monthly basis and have partnered with many senior involved organizations to carry out activities through the efforts of some subcommittees. Monthly meetings usually run for 90 minutes. Committees meet separately to carry out their individual projects, including crime prevention education, publicity, special events, reassurance strategies, elder abuse prevention, victim assistance, etc.

We receive donations from local non-profits and have annual fundraisers to assist us with our programs. 

You as an individual, or your business, can make a difference! You can be part of this initiative now!

Dale Walz
Phone: 404-375-8193

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